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Who We Are

Board of Trustees

Kelly Dick

Kelly has taught English and Psychology at Park High School for the past 14 years. He was born and raised in Butte, Montana, and currently resides in Livingston with his wife Rachael and son Ezra.

Joan Kresich

Joan is a long time teacher who has recently turned her attention to restorative justice as a trainer and practitioner.  She is the author of Picturing Restorative Justice and the co-founder of HOOP Community Circles in Livingston, Montana. She is also a poet, with her poems have appeared in CounterPunch, Chrysalis Reader, and Adanna Literary Journal, among others.

Laurel Peacock

Laurel is an independent sustainability consultant with extensive experience in stakeholder collaboration, organizational development, program management and advocacy for the natural environment. At Blu Skye, a leading boutique consulting firm in San Francisco, she worked with companies to develop and implement strategic initiatives to create sustainable value including Wal-Mart, Staples, Nestle Purina and Alcoa. She authored dozens of briefing papers on a variety of sustainability issues and is a frequent guest speaker and panelist at the San Francisco State Center for Ethical and Sustainable Business. Prior to Blu Skye, Laurel worked in marketing and public relations for a multinational winery in Napa Valley. She was awarded a BA in Psychology and Leadership from Claremont McKenna College and earned an MBA from San Francisco State University in 2010.

Linnea Pritchard

Linnea worked in New York publishing for years before moving to California, where she taught literature and cultural anthropology at the college level, designed gifted programs and alternative schooled her children. Freelance writing in the Bay area for environmental organizations led to a position with The Nature Conservancy managing the San Juan Island Preserves in Washington.

Maryanne Vollers

Maryanne is an author, journalist and producer based in Livingston, Montana. A former editor at Rolling Stone magazine, Vollers reported for Time and NBC News from Africa. Her work has been published in magazines including Esquire, Mother Jones and The New York Times Magazine, among many others. She is a noted ghostwriter who has collaborated on projects with Jerri Nielsen, Connie Rice, Sissy Spacek, Hillary Clinton and Ashley Judd. Vollers’ books include Lone Wolf and Ghosts of Mississippi, which was a finalist for the National Book Award.


Marc Beaudin – Secretary

Marc is a co-owner of Elk River Books and the author of Vagabond Song: Neo-Haibun from the Peregrine Journals. He was a founder and artistic director of the 303 Collective, a non-profit radical arts and theatre group in Saginaw, Michigan. Before that, he was a founder and artistic director of Saginaw’s Collective Artists Gallery. Currently he is the artistic director of the Caldera Theatre Company. His poetry has been published in various journals including Watershed, The MacGuffin and Avocet, and collected into the book The Moon Cracks Open: A Field Guide to the Birds and Other Poems. His plays have been produced at theaters in Michigan, Montana and Minneapolis. More information is at

Andrea Peacock – Treasurer

Andrea is an author and journalist who has covered Western politics and environmental news for more than two decades. She has written two books, Libby, Montana: Asbestos and the Deadly Silence of an American Corporation, and The Essential Grizzly: The Mingled Fates of Men and Bears (co-authored with Doug Peacock). A former editor of the Missoula Independent, she received an Alicia Patterson Fellowship for her work on a project about the ways oil and gas development affects communities in the West. She is the co-owner of Elk River Books in Livingston, Montana, and secretary of the Livingston-Park County Tennis Association.

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