Story-telling Night

Storytelling Night provides community members opportunities to pitch their true stories, develop their storytelling skills with the guidance and support of experienced storytellers, and perform their stories live in downtown Livingston. 


About Elk River’s

storytelling night

One of Elk River Arts & Lectures’ newest programs, Storytelling Night features oral tradition. We are thrilled to be reaching new audiences with this program, which invites community members (not just writers) to pitch stories. Those selected work with program leaders to hone their storytelling skills before presenting in front of a supportive audience at the live Storytelling Night – free and open to the public.

Our first-ever event featured six local storytellers and an audience of 90! The fabulous tales and the terrific turnout made it clear that Park County has stories to share and that we want to hear from each other.

We are planning to make Storytelling Night a more regular occurrence. We aim to hold the event during “shoulder season,” a transitional time when locals get outside less and crave community more.

Past events

Fish Out of Water (April 2022)

Featuring: Raymond Ansotegui, Isabelle Carlhian, Carmen Dunn, Bill Grover, and Carl Sheehan

View Fish Out of Water photos here


The Witching Hour (October 2022)

Featuring: Eric Berg, Megan Eubank, E.E. Mason, Anjabella Roseberry, Hannah Roseberry, and Teresa A. Lewis Watts

View Witching Hour photos here 

(April 2023)

Featuring: Jim Barrett, Alecia Jongeward, LX Miller, John Roseberry, and Lee Watson

View Shenanigans photos here

Animal Instincts
(November 2023)

Featuring: William Campbell, Kira Cassidy, Relly Friedman, Jeff Reid, Yogesh Simpson, and Doug Wadle. 

View Animal Instincts photos here


” [The best part was] Engaging with the community and sharing in a way that others get to know you personally.

— Storyteller Jeff Reed

“Looking out at the audience and seeing how important this communal gathering was for them to be a part of. I felt like I was telling a story to my family even though I didn’t recognize most of the people there! … We are fortunate to be gifted with the opportunity to gather in a positive and supportive space where good will and fun are the key ingredients!”

—Storyteller Jim Barrett

“Community exchange, getting me out to dare to share, support, encouragement and feedback received in the process […] Thank you for a rewarding and empowering experience”

—Storyteller Isabelle Carlhian

“I would do it again in a heartbeat!”

—Storyteller Bill Grover

“So very brilliant and utterly enjoyable.”

—Community member Facebook comment on April 2022 Storytelling Night

“[My favorite part was] all the amazing community members showing up to support each other. And the venue was great!”

—Audience member at April 2023 event

“Seemed like all the speakers thrived and the team was encouraging and for each of us to do our own thing rather than to fit a formula, which I liked a lot.”

—Storyteller LX Miller

I just really enjoyed the entire process. It was a huge challenge for me, and I’m so glad I did it. The one-on-one coaching was extremely helpful to me!”

—Storyteller Megan Eubank

“I really bonded to the coaches and the other storytellers and it made for a really fun experience.”

—Storyteller Doug Wadle

“It is always good to push your comfort zone.”

—Storyteller Eric Berg

“You have found something that is good for Livingston, good for society and good for bringing people together.”

—Audience member Cliff David on October 2022 Storytelling Night