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Maryanne Vollers is an author, journalist, producer and ghostwriter who has written extensively about politics, justice, adventure and the environment.  Her books include Ghosts of Mississippi, about the murder of civil rights leader Medgar Evers, Lone Wolf:  Eric Rudolph – Murder, Myth, and the Legacy of American Terror, and several collaborations including the memoirs of Hillary Rodham Clinton, Dr. Jerri Nielsen and Ashley Judd. She has worked for Rolling Stone Magazine, Time, The New York Times Magazine, Outside, NBC and PBS, among many other media outlets. She and her husband, photographer, director and producer William Campbell, founded Homefire Productions to create news features and documentaries on political, social and environmental issues, including the PBS documentary “Wolves in Paradise.”

My Story: How to write your autobiography by asking questions and deciding what’s important. Can be tailored to any age group. Includes a talk about how I write other people’s books, and an interactive component where the students write a few sentences or paragraphs about their own lives.

Extremism and Intolerance: For older students. A talk about my work exploring political extremism and violence, and how we can promote tolerance by understanding our past as a nation.

Other areas: Journalism, documentary filmmaking (with William Campbell)

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