Community organizer, writer, entrepreneur

kristin galbraith elk river arts and lecturesKristen Galbraith has nearly two decades of experience in project development and management experience with special emphasis in grant application processes and administration. She’s one of three people in Montana who is Grants Professional Certified, and she works with nonprofit organizations, counties, cities and Native American tribes in Montana and other states. She has concentrated her efforts on grant writing and special projects administration, and has written successful grant applications totaling close to $26 million. She is active on numerous local boards, and directs and organizes the annual Night Owl Run, which has raised more than $47,000 in the past nine years, with all proceeds donated back to local youth and education-associated programs and agencies. Her sense of responsibility and creativity has given her a passion for making a difference in the communities she works with, and her projects include a wide range of infrastructure, public safety, health, transit and recreation improvements.

My offering could be in a number of different areas: grants, business ownership, retail and promotion, surviving and succeeding as a woman in business, etc. I have degrees in marketing and accounting, and use both degrees in many areas of my different jobs.


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